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That’s Not Even Me


Hello, possible reader. I could just be typing to myself. Which is fine. I’m too cheap to get therapy, so this is a close fifth. You’re going to have a few questions. Maybe. Hopefully. Here’s what I wish to share at this point. All will eventually be revealed.

Q: Where are the Prairie Hens?

A: Technically right in front of you. If you know where to look. But the actual response is I borrowed this site. It’s not even mine. It was supposed to be about chickens. But I’m the only chicken here.

Q: What exactly is the point of all of this?

A: I’m angry. I’ve been reading a lot of books about how to get my life together, why I’m not successing properly, why, why, why fill in the the why. And while they have some good nuggets of advice I feel they are heavily skewed to the successes of people that are already primed for success. What about us congenital losers? Huh? What about us?

Q: Who are you?

A: Who are you?

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